We don’t produce wines off the shelf,
but rather expressive easy to drink natural wines.

They are diverse and vivid, inspire and surprise.
Created to intrigue.
The foundation is our experience of more than twenty years in biodynamic viticulture.

Working with nature under the strict guidelines of the Demeter e.V.

The wines in the category natural/orange are handpicked and fermented on their own natural yeast.
They are bottled unfinned, unfiltered and without added sulfites.
The only thing in the bottle is the fermented juice our grapes.

Back to the routs and its natural origin

All wines in the category classic are like our natural/orange wines handcrafted with great passion.
Though they are softly filtered and get added a hint of sulfites before bottling.

Our tingling Wines of the category sparkling wines are produced with „classic bottle fermentation“ and our PetNat after the ancient „Méthode Ancestral“.

The wines are matured in stainless steel tanks and used French Barrique.
All wines are declared as table wines of Baden.

Every bottle is unique and only offered for sale after a equivalent maturing time

We give the wines as much time they need to develop their individual character while mature on their natural yeast.

Our Labels

The crystal fraction in the middle, originates from the juice of a grape and therefore shows the high biodynamic quality of our wines.
The moon portrays its diverse, energetic impact it has on us humans, plants, and animals.
The fingerprint is symbol for tradition, passion, and uniqueness of my wines.

Never the same

All are different, all are independent, never the same and most important, all of them bring joy.
In harmony of nature, craftsmanship and soul embrace each other.

Thomas Harteneck